Universal Drywall and Plastering Inc
Best healthcare facility construction company in South Florida.
Universal Drywall and Plastering Inc
South Florida's premier provider of Drywall, Framing, Stucco, and EIFS system services.
Universal Drywall and Plastering Inc
Best healthcare facility construction company in South Florida.
Universal Drywall and Plastering Inc
Experienced construction company dealing with University projects as well as other large commercial projects.

Who We Are

Universal Drywall and Plastering Inc is the leading provider in South Florida of  Drywall, Framing, Stucco, and EIFS systems services. Universal Drywall specializes in Medical Facilities both new construction and renovation, as well as construction of Universities, and large commercial projects. It has been our mission since we were founded in 1971 to provide the best experience for our clients from the beginning of a project to end. 

We Are Hiring !

Here at Universal Drywall and Plastering Inc we are looking for people who take pride in the work they do and have an eye for detail. If you are looking to put your skills to work, you can head on over to our jobs page now by clicking one of the buttons below.

Who is EIFS Construction Inc.

Founded in 2005, Universal Drywall President and Owner at the time Lance S. Ruble created EIFS Construction, Inc. as an affiliated company with Universal Drywall and Plastering, Inc. Together with STO Corp., EIFS Construction, Inc. developed the STO Missle “E” system. The was the first large-missle impact system that was created by using an additional layer of mesh to the existing STO systems as the time. This multi-layered large-missle impact system has been used in multiple projects by EIFS Construction with Memorial Healthcare Systems and other hospitals throughout South Florida. This waterproof type construction system is the ultimate defense against the natural elements such as hurricanes and storm surges. We are the leading installers of this system in the South Florida Region. EIFS Construction along with STO Corp, offer warranties on these cladding systems. Please contact us for more information on these warranties.

DEFS vs. Stucco

Direct-applied Exterior Finish System (DEFS) is intended for use on weather protected walls and un-insulated exterior soffit and ceiling applications. A great alternative to traditional stucco finishes. DEFS have a synthetic / polymer stucco finish coat applied.

Sto® Stucco Repair

Sto is an experienced leader in the manufacturing of  products that create effective solutions for stucco repairs.  After using Sto products, your faded, cracked, or discolored stucco walls will take on new and vibrant life. What’s more, Sto products will help protect your project from recurring problems that can plague many stucco buildings.

In today’s construction industry where it has become difficult to locate skilled tradesmen, it is common that exterior finish companies are presented with buildings and form work that are not in perfect straight lines. Many times stucco contractors use build-out mortar and various products to straighten the buildings. In our industry, we have seen numerous failed stucco systems due to improper application of these products. Our company is extremely experiences at working with General Contractors, Architects, and Engineers to save both time and money when it comes to failing stucco. For more information about some of our experience with failing stucco, please call our office and speak with our estimating department.

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